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Accelerating Clinical Trials in the European Union

Accelerating Clinical Trials in the European Union (ACT EU) is an ambitious initiative to revolutionize clinical trials across Europe. This initiative brings together regulatory reforms, technological advancements, and collaborative processes to create a more efficient and impactful environment for clinical research.

The ACT EU objective is to enable smarter clinical trials, through regulatory, technological and procedural changes. It has an overarching vision of turning the EU into a center for clinical trial development as well as fostering collaboration and innovation during the entire lifecycle of clinical research. ACT EU hopes to enhance cross-border collaborations giving better outcomes for the patients it serves and advancement in the European healthcare industry by making coordination amongst stakeholders such as regulators, and ethics committees easier.

Implementation of the Clinical Trials Regulation (CTR)

ACT EU supports the implementation of CTR and its implementing acts by identifying the most effective strategies to achieve these goals. These include: 

  • Performance Tracking: Regular updates about the European clinical trials environment, for better transparency and efficiency.
  • Reducing Administrative Burden: Simplifying procedures for the sake of openness.
  • Consultations with Sponsors: Ongoing consultations with sponsors about how to enhance CTR and promote the use of the Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS).
  • Transition Support: Helping sponsors in shifting clinical trials from Clinical Trials Directive into CTR.

Progress reports on CTR implementation are regularly published by the European medicines regulatory network, offering insights into the authorization of clinical trials within the EU/EEA. These reports are instrumental in monitoring the transformation brought about by the CTR and identifying areas for further enhancement.

Enhancing Transparency and Multinational Trials

Revised rules within CTIS improve accessibility to trial data in June 2024 that further enhance transparency. The initiative also intends to keep the balance between information release and protection of commercial secrets and personal data while meeting regulatory requirements.
Moreover, ACT EU solves problems encountered by non-commercial sponsors in conducting multinational trials. The initiative tries to identify difficulties caused by regulations and operations to suggest practical measures for smoother trial setups and operations across EU/EEA countries.

Establishing an MSP facilitates conversations and collaborations between stakeholders, regulators, and ethics committees. This platform encourages collaboration through advisory groups, events, consultations, and surveys to enhance the clinical trials environment.

ACT EU also enhances coordination in scientific advice between regulatory bodies and sponsors, ensuring alignment in clinical trial design and approval processes. This initiative aims to develop high-impact guidance documents and methodologies through stakeholder engagement and expert collaboration.

Clinical Trials Training and Analytics

The initiative also prioritizes education through a comprehensive training curriculum tailored to enhance regulatory understanding and drug development expertise. This curriculum not only supports universities and SMEs but also strengthens the EU’s role in regulatory science.

Additionally, ACT EU explores the potential of clinical trial analytics to leverage data for regulatory decision-making and healthcare innovation. Stakeholder workshops aim to define research agendas that harness the full potential of clinical trial data, paving the way for future advancements in healthcare.

The initiative prioritizes trial safety through enhanced cooperation among Member States and the implementation of modernized Good Clinical Practice guidelines, aligning with international standards.

Good Clinical Practice and Governance

During instances of public health crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic, ACT EU aims at accelerating the establishment of cross-border clinical trials. This program is meant to quicken the approval of clinical trials to do this it would like to promote cooperation among different regulatory authorities in Europe through the use of the European Medicines Agency Emergency Task Force’s capabilities. Safeguarding human beings from any form of harm remains a primary concern for ACT EU. For instance, the SAFE CT project is among the efforts that contributed to this noble course.


A significant stage towards creating a dynamic and collaborative clinical trial environment in Europe is what the Accelerating Clinical Trials in the EU initiative denotes. ACT-EU intends to hasten the process of producing efficient and safe treatment methods aimed at benefiting patients and improving healthcare across the region through embracing innovation and stakeholder engagement.

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