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MHRA’s AI-Airlock for Safe Development of Medical Technologies

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the Pharmaceutical and Health Care industries has paved the way for more innovative opportunities to help enhance patient outcomes. This is with respect to the diagnosis, treatment, and overall personalized patient care. However, as these technologies evolve, so do the challenges especially when it comes to testing these technologies through traditional trials. In line with this, the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is set to launch the AI-Airlock, a regulator-monitored virtual area to facilitate the development and deployment of software and AI medical devices, ensuring they meet safety and efficacy standards.

The AI-Airlock

The AI-Airlock shall be launched in April 2024. The specialised AI-Airlock sandbox is devoted to accelerate the development and implementation of AI powered medical devices with the main objective is to speed up the delivery of medical innovations to patients all while upholding safety and efficacy requirements.

This “regulatory sandbox” allows government organisations, the National Health Service (NHS), and regulatory bodies to evaluate AI technologies under supervision.

The AI-Airlock effort follows strict procedures to assist software and AI medical device developers in comprehending and fulfilling safety and efficacy standards. With exchange of knowledge, it seeks to enhance comprehension of the obstacles, potential resolutions, and the secure advancement and implementation of these technologies.

Dr Paul Campbell, Head of Software and AI at MHRA, expressed enthusiasm for the introduction of a new technique that will provide safe early access to AI for healthcare. Although the application of AI and ML in medical technology is complicated, sandboxes like the AI-Airlock offer a safe environment in which manufacturers, regulators, and other stakeholders can work together to discover novel solutions. This will assist in identifying the most efficient means of tackling the difficulties involved in providing the NHS and patients with AI-driven medical devices that are safe and effective.


The MHRA has unveiled the AI-Airlock, a “regulatory sandbox” that is intended to provide developers with a controlled environment to build solid evidence for their advanced healthcare technologies. The AI-Airlock is intended to be a collaborative area between academic institutions, government agencies, innovators, and regulatory bodies. The program’s goal is to provide patients early access to technologies. As the AI-Airlock launches in 2024, everyone will be able to look forward to a more promising and healthy future.

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