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Why is an ISO 27001 important for an organization?

In a technology driven era where businesses are increasingly incorporating advanced information and data management tools into their operations, the risk of facing cyber attacks and breaches is also increasing. Additionally, businesses face non-compliance in regulatory and legal requirements when handing information security, and so the demand for transparent information security is on the rise- particularly by third parties. Organizations are prioritizing securing sensitive data and information by implementing controls that are applicable to information technology (IT) and non-IT areas.
The ISO 27001 are standards that provide a framework to handle information and data security safely and effectively. It was published by the international organizations for standardization in conjunction with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).
The ISO 27001 provides a framework for organizations to protect valuable and sensitive information, in a systematic and cost-effective manner, under 3 domains: information confidentiality, information integrity, and information availability. This is addressed by investigating the potential issues that could occur to the information or data, followed by establishing the processes that are required to prevent the problem. Hence, the main concept of the ISO 27001 surrounds risk management.
Implementing the ISO 27001 allows an organization to maintain compliance with legal information security requirements. As there are changes in regulations and laws surrounding information security, the ISO 27001 standard provides the framework that ensures compliance is met with the regulations. Additionally, an important objective of implementing the ISO 27001 is to minimize cost by preventing security hazards from occurring- that could be cost heavy for the organization. Implementation of ISO 27001 safeguards can be technical, organizational, legal, physical, or related to human resources. An organization can obtain the ISO 27001 certification by having an audit performed by an accredited certification body.
DDReg obtained the ISO 27001 certification that proves we have implemented best-practice information security methods, to safeguard our data. We demonstrate a proactive approach in securing the information and data that we handle to reduce the risks of threats or breaches and have an advantage in entering markets worldwide where ISO 27001 is a prerequisite. Our long-term outlook on minimizing expenses to resolve information security incidents adds value and credibility to our organization. As we work with sensitive client data, we prioritize maintaining integrity and privacy by implementing an Information Security Management System (ISMS).