DDReg Pharma

DDReg Pharma

Incorporating plug in tools to facilitate publishing tasks

Single bookmarking and hyperlinking tasks were conducted manually by publishing team members at DDReg which was a repetitive and time-consuming task.
The key objective was to implement tools that would automate repetitive tasks to create a more efficient workflow for filing and e-functionality within the organization
The publishing team at DDReg conducted deep research to find plug ins and tools that they could incorporate to enhance workflow on a need-basis, with one click. This required identification and communication with various vendors for programs such as ISI toolbox and Nitro. With the help of a series of sessions with vendors, as well as a deep dive into rabbit hole of troubleshooting content available on net, the team identified and implemented a process that allowed a single click enabled automation of repetitive tasks.
With the improved operational workflow, filings and e-functionality tasks were conducted quickly and efficiently, to deliver files to client before time. DDReg revamped their system to incorporate tools that facilitate tasks to not only improve work efficiency but also deliver high quality outputs to our customers ahead of time. This helped the team to reduce the hyperlinking & bookmarking time by 60%
Customers were impressed by DDReg’s efficient workflow and satisfied by their rapid, high-quality deliveries. Hence, more customers granted DDReg more projects for e-functionalities and filing.