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National Conference on Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Research

DDReg attends National Conference on Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Research 2022- Chandigarh College of Pharmacy

Drug abuse has gradually become an increasing issue due to the use of non-medical prescription drugs. Thus, pharmacovigilance and drug safety has become an even more crucial aspect for ensuring patient safety by monitoring adverse drug reactions and evaluating the safe use of medicines. To do this, robust procedures must be established while keeping in mind challenges regarding globalization, staying updated with the most recent information, public health vs economic industry growth, regulations in developed and emerging markets, patient perceptions, benefit: risk ratio etc.
The National Conference on Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Research 2022 at the Chandigarh College of Pharmacy, held on the 9th and 10th of May, brought together experts and industry representatives on pharmacovigilance and drug safety to exchange information and insight regarding the different areas of drug safety. Many speakers from pharmaceutical organizations, CRO’s and academia came together to present on important topics pertaining to pharmacovigilance, patient monitoring, technology in drug safety, regulations, reporting adverse events and more.
DDReg’s attendance and interaction with the present experts and speakers facilitated important discussions regarding the advances within pharmacovigilance, and the regulations surrounding it. As a leading Pharmacovigilance Services provider, DDReg was thrilled to share their expertise on the importance of establishing a strong pharmacovigilance system to ensure safety compliance.