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DDReg attends the OTC Health and Wellness Conference 2023

The OTC Health and Wellness Conference was held on the 3rd of November 2023. Organized by the Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI) at the PHD House in New Delhi, it aimed to address the need for self-care and support consumers with evidence-based information regarding the safety of over the counter (OTC) medicines. The conference brought together key stakeholders of the Indian pharmaceutical industry to help facilitate the development of the regulatory framework that surrounds OTC products.

Key topics of discussion

The conference provided a platform for stakeholders to engage in important discussions regarding the overall development of a more robust and comprehensive OTC framework in India. Key topics included: what it takes to foster responsible self-care, future of responsible selfcare and trends in key global markets, how technology can enable responsible self-case & access for consumers, CHC trends in India, global consumer healthcare market and more.

Panel discussions were led by key industry experts and included important topics such as how consumer health companies inculcate responsible marketing approaches, OTC as an enabler for last mile access to patients, decoding digital consumer, and what role pharmacists play in being responsible advisors for self-care.

DDReg’s commitment to facilitating access to OTC products.

DDReg has supported its customers for OTC filings in their target regions. As a globally leading regulatory affairs service provider, DDReg understands the importance and significance of ensuring timely access to OTC products in order to support self-care and consumer empowerment. The team has supported many successful OTC registrations as well as Rx-to-OTC switches. Get in touch with the team to know more.