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DDReg Foundation Day Celebrates

DDReg celebrates its 13th Foundation Day

On Friday 1st July 2022, DDReg Pharma wholeheartedly celebrated its 13th Foundation Day. Employees from the Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Hyderabad offices connected virtually to commemorate not only the grand occasion but also each other’s milestones and achievements. The day consisted of fun activities including interactive games and performances by employees such as singing, instruments, poetry, and comedy acts. Furthermore, DDReg was fortunate to have had Mr. Rajiv Sharma to virtually join in and congratulate our employees on the momentous occasion.
Mr. Rajiv Sharma graduated from St Stephens College in Delhi and was a HR consultant to Lens India for 15 years. He then founded Corporate Calibre, that provides comprehensive training and learning services to enhance the performance delivery of businesses. In his career spanning 37 years, he has trained over 25,000 people making significant and impactful changes to their lives. He is a certified experiential and NLP trainer and has been to base camps of Mount Everest and Mount Kanchenjunga many times and continues to inspire those around him. DDReg will always remember and cherish his valuable advice and words of wisdom.
Undoubtedly, the growth of the organization has been a tremendous one where each employee has sincerely and significantly contributed towards the key milestones of the organization in the last 13 years. A few examples of these key milestones include successful delivery of targeted gap analysis for 1300 licenses worldwide in a record of 24 months, obtaining marketing authorizations for the first WHO pre-qualified female hormone product across multiple countries, obtaining ANDA in a record of 9 months, first success in biosimilar filing where marketing authorization was granted by Singapore and Malaysia, and many more.
As DDReg enters its 14th year the need to move forward together is far more than ever before. To achieve the targets that we have set for ourselves, as an organization, the focus lies on leveraging the right talent and infrastructure and expanding business development with the right investments and connections. DDReg has experienced several ups and downs over the past 13 years but have navigated the journey in the right direction. As @Neeti Pant, our director, rightly stated “We are now at a base camp, and we must reach the summit
Onwards and upwards!
Beautiful rangoli and decorations at the Hyderabad Office

DDReg family’s newest additions cutting the cake at the Gurgaon HQ office