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DDReg Managing Director wins ET RE Pharma “Woman Icon of the Year” Award 2024

The 4th edition of the Economic Times (ET) RE Pharma Awards was held on the 20th of January 2024 to recognize excellence within the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. Indeed, these awards have developed into a prestigious platform to celebrate the outstanding achievements by stakeholders in the pharmaceutical sector of India- both, organizations, and individuals. Continuing its tradition in honoring change-makers that are responsible for shaping the India Pharma landscape, the ET RE Pharma awards shone some light on these change-markers to honor and celebrate them. There was a diverse category of awards that fell under ‘Organizational’ and ‘Special’; under ‘Special’ came the “Woman Icon of the Year” that recognized a woman thought leader who beat all odds and had a significant impact on the Pharma Industry. This prestigious award was conferred to DDReg’s very own Managing Director, Neeti Pant.

Woman Icon of the Year 2024- Neeti Pant

Being nominated under this special category, and winning the award, highlighted the zeal that Neeti Pant, the Managing Director of DDReg Pharma, has in leadership, innovation, and excellence. Aside from having a brilliant technical background and industry experience of over 30 year’s worth, Neeti has demonstrated excellence in how she has led DDReg to be a globally renowned regulatory & pharmacovigilance service provider. Neeti Pant envisioned DDReg to be among top 10 regulatory consulting and services organization in whole of Asia, Europe and the USA. As the visionary leader, Neeti plays a pivotal role in driving this vision for DDReg.

Paving the Way with Technology & Innovation

Technology has found its inroads to every unit of our professional life. Regulatory and Drug Safety Services have come a long way in automating its processes that has shaped the Pharma Industry. Drug safety process automation was adopted long back by ICH along with eCTD. Under leadership of Neeti, DDReg had adopted the eCTD and Drug safety automation very early in its journey, thereby assuring its customer of quality submissions in quick turnaround with complete audit trail. Neeti’s belief in technology carried on and she continued to work on regulatory process automation. One of her most noteworthy initiatives is taking regulatory affairs services to the next level by providing technology-embedded regulatory services. This is through the in-house developed regulatory information management system (RIMS), Vitalic®. This tool and its uniqueness were recognized and shortlisted by CPHI Barcelona for the CPHI Awards 2023.

Woman Empowerment

Being a woman in the pharmaceutical industry, which is a relatively male-dominated one, has presented Neeti many unique challenges and obstacles. However, Neeti has been resilient and committed towards her goals and vision that she had when beginning her DDReg journey. She began her entrepreneurial journey from 1 room in her home, which today spreads across 4 locations (Delaware, USA; Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai- India) and currently working on opening a Europe head office in Germany.

Neeti has gone above and beyond to take DDReg where it is today. DDReg has grown from a one-woman organization into a team of 70+ employees. The company started off in one room of Neeti’s house and is proud to be woman-driven, with a roughly 2:1 female-to-male employee ratio and a focus on promoting women’s empowerment and growth within the workplace. As a bootstrapped company, DDReg has grown into a globally renewed organization and is the talk of the industry.  As an entrepreneur, Neeti has always been driven by a strong sense of purpose. She believes that her work has the potential to make a positive impact on people’s lives, and she is deeply committed to creating value for her clients. Her dedication to her clients and her unwavering focus on delivering quality solutions have been key factors in her success.

Today, DDReg is a highly successful company, with a strong reputation for delivering innovative and customized solutions to pharmaceutical companies. Neeti’s entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to quality, passion for innovation, and resilience in the face of challenges have all been critical in making the company what it is today.

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