DDReg Pharma

DDReg Pharma

Web-based Lifecycle Management Tool

Customer Requirement: A Non-profit organization faced challenges in tracking and monitoring the registration status of their products in respective regions. This is because they had one product  in multiple markets that were each in different stages of their lifecycle. Siloed and disconnected tracking systems meant that the organization was left with little insight into the product status in each market.  Furthermore, manual processes for tracking activities can add to the limited visibility of registration status. A missed deadline can lead to product approval being rejected. Thus, the organization required a web-based tool to help support lifecycle management for their products that would bring necessary information onto one single platform with easier navigation.

Key Objective: To provide an efficient mechanism that would enable efficient tracking and monitoring of products at each stage of their registration lifecycle.

DDReg Solutions and Processes Adopted: The DDReg delivery team along with project leads brainstormed over possible options of creating an efficient system that would meet the objectives of the customer while staying cost conscious. Some of the team members suggested a web-based application as a solution while others suggested use of Excel enabled with macros. With technology driving the pharmaceutical industry to ensure efficiency in deliverables, mitigation of non-compliance, and even de-risking of other business functions, the team and DDReg approached the web-based application solution to address product registration challenges and allowing the organization to gain insight to and visibility of global registration status of their products at the click of a button. The application was dummy tested within the teams of DDReg and then deployed for user testing by the customer for further input and improvements.

As an outcome of the suggestions by the customer and the input by internal teams at DDReg, a tailored and efficient tool for product registration and tracking was developed. The application could also be replicated for multiple products in various markets to provide country/market- and product-wise status at the click of a button.

Business Impact: The web-based tool took on the responsibility of preparing, tracking, and monitoring submissions in defined formats and project management to ensure a successful launch for the customer organization by ensuring they were constantly aware and updated on their product status. Not only did this provide solution for product registration tracking and monitoring for the specific customer, it also opened the opportunity for DDReg to carry forward the advantage that app offered to many more current and potential customers of DDReg.